Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Lindsay heads home today and we will miss her; we will miss herIMG_1296 parents too of course. Lindsay is always on the go. Even when she plays she doesn’t sit still too long. She likes to take someone by the hand and go exploring from room to room, especially if someone is in one of those rooms. Except for our bedrooms, the floors are ceramic tile with concrete underneath. That’s not good for the falls which come with learning to walk. Her parents have an 8X8 area of foam interlocking blocks that they put down. That is Lindsay’s main play area. She can walk and fall without hurting herself but one of us grabs her hand if she goes exploring onto the tile, unless she crawls. There’s never a shortage of people willing to take her hand.

I have jury duty on Tuesday morning and will need to leave before Lindsay and family heads home. We’ll see them again this weekend but we’ll miss them in the meantime.

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