Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yesterday was Lindsay’s baptism. It might sound as if it is a little late to be baptizing an eight month old, but there were extenuatingBaptism circumstances. Lindsay’s Godmother is a military wife and stationed in Arizona. They have been in the process of being stationed back here. So, it appeared several times that the Godmother was going to be able to come back here to participate in the baptism. To make a long story short, Eileen stood in for the Godmother, who is our daughter-in-law’s sister. Get all that?!

The priest had the family write letters to Lindsay for her baptism. The letters were to be how we see Lindsay in the years to come with the influence of God and church. A couple of the letters were read as part of the baptism ceremony then her parents will give all the letters to Lindsay when she gets confirmed. Pretty cool idea. My letter to Lindsay is in the form of a poem. Girls like poems don’t they? I hope she’ll one day enjoy reading a poem about her written by her grandfather. Well, it made sense to me!!

We will return home later today.

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