Monday, July 11, 2011


Lindsay’s baptism was held in conjunction with two others. Everything was going along just great until the priest asked each family to read one of the letters which were written for the child being baptized. Baptism IIIf you recall from yesterday’s post, each of us was to write a letter to Lindsay as to how we see Lindsay in the years to come with the influence of God and the Church. Anyway, when it was Lindsay’s family’s turn, my daughter-in-law asked me to read the poem I wrote. After ample resistance from me, her persistence, other’s insistence, and the whole group looking at me…I surrendered. Quite off guard and unprepared, I stood among the three families and read the poem that I wrote to Lindsay. Although my daughter-in-law later said that a couple of women behind her were crying as I read, I still told her that I owed her for putting me on the spot like that. And so, indeed, I do owe her. I owe her many thanks for giving me the honor to read my heartfelt words at the baptism of our granddaughter!! I will always cherish it. I will also cherish the fact that regardless of my time on earth, Lindsay will grow up knowing that I read her poem aloud at her baptism. I just hope her parents don’t tell her that I did it very begrudgingly at the time!!

Lindsay did real well at the baptism. She likes water so the water was not an issue. She was very tired though and fell asleep in her dad’s arms while we were taking pictures afterwards. Lindsay was wearing a beautiful baptismal gown that my mother made. Lindsay’s parents kept some of the holy water used in baptizing her, our son is the Godfather, Eileen stood in for the Godmother, and we will all keep the memory of a great event.

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