Sunday, July 3, 2011


I’ve used restraint in not blogging about our granddaughter (Lindsay) and parents being in town. That restraint ends today!! Lindsay is eight months old already and is beginning to walk. She can only take aIMG_1265 few steps before losing her balance but it fascinating to watch her go through the various stages. Lindsay likes to be entertained and she’ll let anyone hold her, as long as she’s not real tired. Then she wants her mom or dad.

The last two nights, after she was nursed to sleep, I attempted to hold her. She didn’t like that at all even though we spent hours playing together and I held her throughout the day. On Thursday night, after she didn’t want me to hold her, Eileen took her and Lindsay settled right down and went back to sleep. Eileen held her until putting her down in her bed. Last night I attempted to hold Lindsay again after she was nursed to sleep. Again Lindsay woke up and wanted her mom back. Eileen took Lindsay and she went back to sleep. After a little while, Eileen transferred her to me. All went well and the words that leapt from my spirit were, “Thank you, Lord.” I was glad to get to hold Lindsay while she was asleep.

Although I hold Lindsay all through the day, at times until my right arm goes numb, she likes it and we have a grand time. So far though after she gets to sleep at night, it’s like she doesn’t know me if she wakes up in the transfer. Yet, she settles right down for Eileen. Maybe I truly am someone that not even a mother can love!! Actually, although I’m usually pretty good with babies, Eileen just has a special way with them and always has. Her motherly energy really connects with them. Anyway, I held Lindsay while she was asleep for a long IMG_1269time, until I went to bed. She squirmed around a few times to get comfortable and opened her eyes but it didn’t bother her that I was holding her by then. The point that I’m trying to get to is that there is nothing like holding a sleeping baby, especially when it belongs to you. The innocence of the baby gives off such a loving and harmonizing energy as she sleeps so peacefully. She worries about nothing, has no responsibilities, and goes from moment to moment. Although adults aren’t always afforded moments likes those, the quiet connection with someone who is, a baby, can be quite therapeutic. I absorbed as much of it in as I could. Eileen then helped me put her into her bed; Lindsay’s parents had long ago gone to bed. Lindsay didn’t make a move when we put her down. I looked over at Lindsay’s mom as we left the room; she gave us a smile.

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