Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I was flipping through the channels when I saw a sportscaster who covered our son’s college games. He told of a guy that an ambulance crew took to the hospital; he had stage four cancer. At the hospital, the crew asked the patient if there was anything else they could do Blessedfor him before they left. The patient responded with a very weak and raspy voice, “Yes, you can take me to my son’s ballgame tonight.” While the patient was getting his blood transfusions and such, the ambulance crew worked an arrangement with the doctors to indeed take the patient to his son’s game. That evening the crew loaded him on the gurney and took him to the game. The patient watched the game from the gurney. To top it off, he got to see his young son hit a home run. That was a nice “sports” story.

When I watch video clips like this or read stories of others who have stage 4 cancer and such, it really affects me. Although I too have cancer, we are in two different leagues. The patient I spoke of was almost too weak to speak or much of anything else. He sure couldn’t write a blog or other things that I do. This patient will likely die soon enough leaving a young wife and son to find their own way. In view of that, it’s hard not to look at my own situation and count my blessings. It’s the reason that my blog posts aren’t a continuous update of the ups and downs of my journey. While I can think on other things, that is what I hope most of my posts will be about. When I write consistently about how I’m feeling, that is your clue that things are pretty tough.

Some days it takes determination to get going and to keep my mind right. Yet, I just have to take a quick look around to see just how truly blessed I am.

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