Sunday, June 5, 2011


It seems fairly customary that when life gets rough that we migrate back to the Bible and to God. It’s then that we knock the dust offYo yo effect the cover and get back on our knees. Otherwise, we go about our lives interjecting just enough energy into our spiritual lives to make us feel that we are okay with God. It’s only when things turn bad in life that we shift into a higher gear of our spiritual intention. Thus, our relationship with God is on a yo-yo basis. We draw close when we need Him and lapse into a more distant relationship the rest of the time.

I think we draw way too much comfort from all the lovey dovey God is love speak. We act as if God has no righteous, holy, or pious standards by which we will be judges. We take our comfort in the fact that God loves us. Like I blogged before though, our eternity won’t be determined so much by whether God loves us; that is a given. Our eternity rests more on whether we love God. There’s a catch though. While God says that the greatest commend is to love Him with our whole being, God also defines what love means. God says that we can tell if we love Him by our “obedience”. To the degree that we obey God’s commands and ways is to the degree that we love Him. If we aren’t so good at doing God’s will then we aren’t so good at loving Him. Not loving God shouldn’t give us much comfort no matter how many times we hear that God loves us.

It is much better that we seek to understand the ways of God and submit ourselves to them. This will keep us from the constant yo-yo effect in our faith lives and will bridge God’s love with ours.

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