Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today we are attending our nephew’s wedding in Illinois. We left Pensacola on Thursday afternoon and will head back tomorrow. Wedding DayWe left the house in the capable hands of our son and the dog. Anyway, Eileen is reading in the wedding and the festivities will extend late into the night. It will be similar to what Eileen and I experienced almost 32 years ago.

Of all the things that I’ve forgotten over the years due to too many encounters with surgical anesthesia and perhaps an aging mind, I remember our wedding day rather well. In fact, I remember not sleeping very well the night before. I was a bit concerned about the commitment I had made. Even after the wedding ceremony, as we proceeded out of the church, the pictures show a concerned look on my face while Eileen smiled from ear to ear. Now, I’m the one smiling ear to ear and Eileen is the one with a concerned look on her face!! Really though, it was a great day and one of the greatest blessings that has or ever could happen to me.

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