Saturday, June 11, 2011


What on earth could I have possibly been thinking when I wrote yesterday’s blog “Shake it up”?! That was crazy talk. My arm What was Ibothered me so much last night and today that I doubt I even look at those hedge trimmers for a while. I have a very high pain tolerance but, whew, it was a tough night. It reminded me that someone asked me on a scale of ten what is the most pain I’ve ever had. I jokingly responded a 13!! It wasn’t the worst I’ve had but it was more than reasonable. Anyway, I finally hit the narcotics and eventually got to sleep around 3:30am. As I lay there, Eileen talked to me almost until 3:00am. I didn’t feel much like talking but it was comforting to hear Eileen’s voice. I’d ask her questions about how she felt about various topics and she’d download - - - I mean freely respond. It was the most enjoyable misery I’ve had in while!! I eventually ran out of questions and Eileen dozed off to sleep. A while after that I fell asleep too. Today I was still feeling pretty rough until I had a good vomiting session. It seems that when the pain gets to a point that I get sick that I do feel better afterwards. It kind of resets everything to let me get back on top of it. I got to feeling real good as the night wore on; then we realized that I forgot to take the Gleevec. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

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