Monday, June 27, 2011


We are home after a great trip to see our oldest daughter. We always have a great time visiting with our kids and miss them when we part again. Nevertheless, they have their own lives and dreams to pursue.Touch of Home

I firmly believe it is the chief role of parents to equip their kids to live life effectively. Too often we co-exist with our kids and then can’t wait until they leave the nest. Nevertheless, there is so much to teach them, so much to equip them with so they can live spiritually, emotionally, and physically effective lives. The teaching never ends and our example is much more effectual than our words. Even if it is the simple act of coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, our kids take notice of our practices. Their subconscious minds register whether there is iron in our words or whether we are just bags of wind. Over a period of time, their impression of our parental character is formed. That will play a large part in our influence with them while they are at home and throughout their lives. Not only should we decide what type of children we seek to raise, we should decide what kind of parents and grandparents we will seek to be.

Our oldest son’s family will be coming into town this next weekend through the fourth. It will be great to see them again too!!

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