Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers!! Fathers have an important role with their kids which goes beyond providing food and housing. Fathers DayChildren who have fathers that actively seek to guide them have a distinct advantage in life. I also want to say happy Father’s Day to my father although he died over twenty years ago. There are a few things which quickly come to mind when I reflect on my father.

First, he was a very disciplined man. He would have never made a Lays potato chip spokesman because my dad could have eaten just one chip!! My father was perhaps the strongest minded man I’ve ever known. Yet, he was full of laughter and had a very quick smile too.

The second thing that comes to mind is that my dad was a Marine through and through. The things he learned in the Marine Corps about personal discipline, honor, and ethics definitely shaped our upbringing. My father was especially proud of my siblings who all later became Marines. Among my father’s many roles in life, he was always a Marine.

The final thing that quickly comes to mind is the joy that the grandchildren brought him. He truly enjoyed and loved them all. It’s too bad for the grandchildren that they were very young when he died. They would have enjoyed him as much as he enjoyed them.

A parent’s job is never over. It just changes. To all the fathers, may your steps be guided by the Lord and may you forever be a guiding light to your children.

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