Friday, June 10, 2011


Eileen asked me what I was up to yesterday morning. I said that I was going to mow the yard. She asked if I was going to weed-eat andShake it up edge too. I replied that I didn’t know yet. Eileen asked me if I would tell her if I did. Knowing that she would go out there and want to do it for me, I said that I would NOT tell her. She laughed and asked if I didn’t want her to join me. I smiled and said no. She does enough the way it is. So, I went out and grabbed the gas-powered hedge trimmers and began trimming the shrubs. Note: The hedge trimmer is neither the weed-eater nor the edger!! Anyway, the hedge trimmer or anything that vibrates that much is usually enemy number one to my arm. However, I finished with the shrubs and then cut the grass with the riding mower. As of this writing, my arm is doing comparatively great. In fact, although my right wrist/hand appears swollen and feels quite boggy, it feels better than it has in a while. I realize that this could be the calm before the storm but for now maybe I needed to shake things up in there a little bit. I’ll know for sure in a few hours!! Meanwhile, my energy is up quite a bit today. It seems that I’m recovering well from our trip.

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