Thursday, June 16, 2011


I had an appointment with our dentist today. After the teeth cleaning venture and the dentist came into the room to inspect my teeth, the dentist Fountainasked me if I had any questions. I said that I’d like to talk to her for a moment. The hygienist stepped out of the room and the dentist put aside her gear and sat attentively. I told her that we were disappointed that she repeated my mother’s comment about me to Eileen. The doctor listened to me and responded with an apology. I’ll spare you all the details but I will say that she was very conversant, took her time with our conversation, and was very contrite. She also offered to call Eileen to apologize, but I said that I would convey the message. I was very impressed with the way the dentist handled the situation and I left the office feeling good about our conversation. Besides her words, I could tell that the dentist very much likes our family, and of course loves Eileen.

Everyone seems to really love Eileen. Wherever Eileen graces the earth she leaves a host of admirers. Is she really that wonderful? Is she really that much better of a person than me? Yes, on both accounts. However, if you know Eileen I’m not telling you anything new. As her husband, it’s sometimes difficult to absorb all her love. It is so consistently and endlessly abundant. Again, she leaves a bit of that with everyone she encounters. Eileen’s ability to love is truly amazing and it touches people. Even so, there’s a special quality to her love that is not as outwardly visible.

Eileen’s love is very principled and disciplined. She is the epitome of the saying, “There’s no right way to do a wrong thing.” Right is right and wrong is wrong to her. Although there aren’t any significant decisions made without Eileen’s input, she gives total and uncompromising support to the decisions we make. I may be the guy out front and the main person who absorbs the blows, but Eileen is firmly attached to every decision. She isn’t just a loving spectator. In fact, she is a phenomenal decision maker whose eye stays on the right outcome and is a person who stands strong in what she believes. The fact is that to the degree that I am a “hard man,” Eileen is right there with me and is just as strong. To the degree that I am “loving and gentle,” she is a fountain from which it flows.

Indeed, everyone seems to really love Eileen. I’m the one blessed with the responsibility to be her spouse. I thank God that He answers my prayer to empower me to love Eileen more each day. It helps make each new day something to look forward to!!

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