Friday, June 24, 2011


Many people take pride in being known as a moderate. They find satisfaction in giving each side of an issue its due and then Co-minglingselecting their ultimate view from the considerations. Things tend to be less black and white, right and wrong, to moderates; they often view issues as being in grey areas...both sides having good and bad. Although this may seem to be a reasonable way to be, it needs a closer look.

As I mentioned yesterday, a read of the Bible teaches us that the God of both the Old Testament and New Testament is clear about right and wrong, good and evil. Regardless of the merits of the other side of an issue, righteousness is always to prevail. We see the same thing when Jesus is tempted by the devil. Jesus didn’t say that the devil had some good points; instead, Jesus strongly rebuked satan. All through the Bible, right is righteous and wrong is uncompromisingly wrong. The Lord is not shy about identifying the differences and holding us accountable to righteousness. God doesn’t seem to consider the merits of the wrong side of things. In that respect, The Lord is very conservative: Things are right or wrong, good or bad but not both. The Lord lets His “yes be yes and His no be no,” not both or maybe. Again, the Lord comes down firmly on the side of right and good. He doesn’t give credence to the merits of wrong. He doesn’t appear to be what we call a moderate.

This country has slowly declined because we don’t reject wrong outright. We think that there are wrong ways to do right things. We let wrong’s little merits plant its weeds into our society, church, and families. Then these weeds choke our country’s morals, ethics, and righteous traditions.

We should be mindful that God is on one side while evil is on the other. Co-mingling is not an option. We are either for God or against Him…regardless of what merits wrong may have.

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