Thursday, June 9, 2011


I’m writing this blog post Symptom UpdateWednesday afternoon after just getting up from a nap. I’m pleased to report that my arm has finally settled down some for the first time since holding Lindsay a bit too much last Saturday. However, using my right index finger, while pecking on this keyboard, lets me know that the battle may not be completely over. For now though, I’m thankful. It has been rather intense at times. My stomach has been doing fairly well in the daytime but not so good after taking Gleevec in the evening. It’s made it a little tough getting to sleep but once I get to sleep I’ve been doing fine. My leg cramps are much better. My legs remain in a constant mild contracted state but no cramping like I was experiencing a couple of weeks ago. As far as my tiredness goes, it’s hard to tell. I’m still in the recovery mode from the long and awkward hours spent on the trip to Illinois.

Although the side effects of the Gleevec are a real pain to contend with, my side effects remain inconsequential compared to many others who are on the same chemotherapeutic. Furthermore, the Gleevec side effects continue to remain a secondary issue compared to my right arm. It seems I have less trouble with my arm if I use it some but it sure doesn’t take much to set it off when I do. Otherwise, it remains a constant deep achy gnawing pain that sometimes makes my stomach upset on its own. I still spend a considerable amount of mental energy controlling/suppressing arm pain. I’m not complaining; just giving an update!!

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