Thursday, June 23, 2011


It’s really important to read the Bible rather than just listen to sermons and others. If you are still reading one chapter a day, you have goneReading It through the entire Old Testament and you are now on the 24th chapter of Matthew. Congratulations!! It bears repeating. You’ll get through the Bible if you take little bites and do it every day rather than try to read a lot of it at one time and then put it down for months or years. It’s never too late to start. Anyway, the flavor of what God and Jesus actually says is a lot different than what is often the common perception. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone be as accusatory (of being hypocrites) as what Jesus is to religious leaders. The Lord is very serious about this faith stuff. Jesus’ words are not just a great collection of soft poetic words. They are meant to impact our lives in pious ways. Yet, when we repeat the righteous truth of His words, some think we are heretics. Too often Jesus is portrayed as a wobbly weed blowing in the wind. In fact though, our Lord is very clear about right and wrong. It is man who views the world in shades of grey. Reading the Bible will give you a different perspective than you get from the world. It will also change your life.

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