Saturday, June 25, 2011


clip_image002We toured beautiful Beaufort in a horse drawn carriage. It was very interesting and a fun experience. We then ate at a café before heading to the Chocolate Tree, which is a candy factory. We tried their samples before purchasing some chocolate creations. We then went to Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot where our older daughter is a Navy officer at the Branch Clinic.

The Branch Clinic serves the 17,000 Marine recruits per year and 21,000 permanent personnel. Although our daughter reports to the clinic director, she is the clinic’s lone administration officer. It’s a job that she absolutely loves and it keeps her very busy. We toured the very large clinic and her office. I sat in her chair and pretended to be a big shot!! We also went to the Exchange (shopping center) and commissary (grocery store). We saw a lot of Marine recruits working hard. We were careful not to gawk or act like tourists; we went about our business while they went about theirs. Just before the parade ground, there is a sign overhanging the street which says, “We Make Marines.” There something comforting knowing that our military services are busy molding the personnel who defend this country. In this case, the Marine Corps is hard at work “making Marines.”

Tonight, Saturday, we are going to the drive-in movies to watch the new “Cars” movie. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a drive-in. It should be fun. Tomorrow, before heading home, we’re heading back to Parris Island Marine base to eat brunch at the Traditions restaurant. I’m not sure our clothes are fancy enough to go there but our daughter says she won’t disown us!!

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