Monday, January 2, 2012


The blog returns to its regular postings today and it’s good to have you back reading it. If your Christmas season was anything like ours Happy New Yearyou are truly blessed also!! It’s been an extremely busy time with family and a couple of medical tests thrown in there. Nevertheless, in nearly every conceivable way, we have had a glorious couple of weeks. We look forward to a wonderful and blessed new year and we hope that yours is also.

Our oldest son’s family headed back home this morning while Eileen and our youngest daughter headed back to school. Our oldest daughter went home last week. It will be a while before we’re all together again and Eileen and I relished every moment of our time with the family. Even so, life goes on and so does all of our individual lives.

Some businesses are closed today but many of you will return to your normal routines today too. I’m sure a lot of New Year’s resolutions have been made. I wish you well on those too. Even if we don’t make New Year’s resolutions, it’s always good to periodically reflect on who we are and seek ways to improve. If you can’t find anything to improve on, just ask someone who is around you!! Happy New Year!!

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