Monday, January 30, 2012


I’m still not sure what I want to do about the blog yet. I appreciate the Angels Among Usaffirmative comments I’ve received about my blog posts. For now though, I’ll just say that I’ll post again next Monday. I’ll post between now and then if I feel inspired to do so.

What has been on my mind lately? Well, a death, a divorce, and a lost job have all captivated not only my mind but my heart and prayers as well. I really can’t write about their details but living life certainly has its challenges. Which reminds me…I read a piece on St. Padre Pio today that was very interesting. He seemed to have a very close relationship with his guardian angel. I must admit that I don’t know that much about guardian angels; I suppose I’ve never given it much thought. I know there are angels but I really don’t know too much about their earthly function. From what I read today, we all have a guardian angel; I guess I ought to learn more about angels in general. Yet, I’m not sure what to do about the information I learn. Am I supposed to talk to the guardian angel like St. Pio did or do I just acknowledge the guardian angel’s existence? I’ll do some research. In the meantime, if you know something about guardian angels, please clue me in.

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  1. Hi: It'll be fun to see where you go with your blog. I know a resource that is balanced, insightful, and inspiring that you might want to check out. Have you heard of Angels Appearing by Pamela Koefoed? You might want to check it out on Amazon. She talks about actual experiences people have had with angels, describes their nature, what they do on earth. She answers the guardian angel question. She included the story of an angel going to George Washington, the first president of the US. There's lots in it. It's a fun read. You can find it on Amazon as an ebook for a couple bucks or paperback.