Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We have returned from our trip to Beaufort, SC to see our oldest daughter. RememberingWe had a marvelous time and a great visit. It all went by too fast though. Next week, our daughter will leave South Carolina to begin her preparations for her deployment to Afghanistan in March. It’s possible we will see her again before she leaves but it is not at all assured. So, we may have seen her for the last time until October.

Our daughter is really looking forward to her deployment, and although we will miss her, we share in her excitement. There are many reasons she wants to go; at the very least it will be an experience of a lifetime. Although she will be in a medical facility far from the “front lines,” I still told her to keep her head down!! In reality, she won’t even be able to leave the large base except for a rare exception. The off-base duties are for the ones like my nephew who is over there right now serving in the war zone. Which reminds me…

For years now, I have prayed for our military each night. Further, I have prayed for our family members by name that are in the military. Just recently, I added two more. One nephew joined the National Guard while another joined the Army Reserve.

I’m sure there are those in the military that you know by name too. It’s good to remember them by name and the rest of the military who sacrifice and commit to the service of our nation’s defense.

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