Saturday, January 21, 2012


Although this isn’t the first time, many contend that the Christian Right is Faith Statusdead. After all, who can name a single national leader? Most telling though is that Christians are becoming more pro-choice and pro-homosexual. While Protestants still tend to vote for republicans, Catholic majorities supported both President Obama and Clinton. Tolerance has replaced righteousness and the American Christian culture has slowly adopted its position.

President Obama announced quite some time ago that America is no longer a Christian nation. So what is it? We seem to have become a nation of people who is setting its own standards of ethics and morality. We no longer ascribe to the Judeo-Christian values that we once did. Behaviors and attitudes that were once repented of are now accepted. While legal authority is constantly challenged in this nation, moral authority barely exists. We have largely become a nation of self-rule that ascribes to no higher Divine power or authority, unless it agrees with what we want.

This nation is at a very precarious place in its history. Many feel that we are very near the edge of disaster in many ways, primarily financially and morally. Lack of fiscal restraint and discipline has led us to near financial ruin while lack of moral restraint and discipline has corrupted the soul of this nation. I don’t know if the Christian Right is dead in this nation or not. At best, it is in a very weak state. This country has been undergoing some very fundamental changes that need to be reversed. It’s time for all those who call themselves Christians to inventory what they think and believe, and compare it to the righteous tenants of the faith. We might be surprised at what we find.

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