Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A 15-year-old boy wrote an opinion in a school newspaper and has been censored, threatened with suspension, and called ignorant by the ShawanoMouths Shut School District superintendent in Wisconsin. The boy, Brandon Wegner, who is a Christian, wrote in opposition to gays being allowed to adopt. Another student wrote in favor of allowing gays to adopt.

After the article was published, the boy was summoned to the superintendent’s office, without the parents being notified, and subjected to hours of meetings where the superintendent repeatedly upbraided the boy’s opinion, faith, and beliefs.

There are a lot of problems in education and this is indicative of one of them. There is a social agenda in too many school systems. Yet, it is merely a microcosm of America as a whole. More and more, dissent with the liberal social agenda is being tagged as racist, intolerant, or homophobic. In effect, there is to be no dissent to the liberal social agenda. A person can speak in favor of the social agenda but an unseemly wrath is unleashed if one speaks against it. Little by little, American society is no longer one indicative of Judeo-Christian values. Instead, it is indicative of a liberal agenda promoted by entities from the media to the schools. It won’t stop until we all agree or keep our mouths shut.

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