Monday, January 23, 2012


President Obama has ordered the insurance companies to totally cover birthSeems odd to me control: no deductibles or co-pays. Birth control will be totally free. Many religious organizations have voiced strong objections as they liken the method that the pill works to abortion. Well, that is a perspective for a different blog post. Today, I’m looking at another aspect.

I understand that this is an election year and that giving perks to groups of people, in this case it is perceived to be women, is the political thing to do. Yet, I wonder if we really thought ObamaCare would yield a system where the government could dictate to the insurance companies, even for political reasons, what it is going to cover and not cover. But, that is not the focus of today’s blog either.

The focus of today’s blog is how odd free birth control sounds while people with major health concerns are filing bankruptcy. Free birth control, really? Is that what we need in a time when health costs are so high that many people can’t afford to keep living? Free birth control just makes the cost even higher to insurance companies so that they will continue to cut coverage where they can and greatly escalate deductibles, maximum out of pocket limits, and co-pays. It just seems odd to me that the number one cause of bankruptcy (medical costs) in America was made worse by the mandates of ObamaCare, and that it is now piling on by mandating something like free birth control. I know it’s a political year but the sick and dying vote too…I guess for a little while anyway!! It all just seems a bit odd to me.

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