Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Each day as I pray for our military, I pray that they understand thatUmbrella Nation they are not just sacrificing for America but that they are sacrificing for a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values. They are sacrificing for a nation that stands for God and the principles of God. When I say “sacrifice” I’m not just talking about those who are injured or killed. Military life itself is a sacrifice which is often shared by spouses, children, and family members. Anyway, this has always been a nation of God although it is getting out of vogue to say that any more. As we continue to push hard to remove God out of everything in our culture, including Christmas, it is perhaps harder for our military personnel to have a vision of their divine duty. I pray not.

Tuesday night (I’m writing this Tuesday morning) begins the Republican primary season. I hope and pray that voters have a divine vision about the voting process too. While I have stark doubts that the world will end on December 21st as the Mayan calendar seems to indicate, I don’t believe this nation can continue under the umbrella of blessings it has without being a Godly nation. Once we sufficiently remove God from all hope of Him being a central figure of this nation, I don’t foresee good things happening in this nation or world. We are the cornerstone of the world. As we look around, I don’t see bad luck in our economic times. I see a nation that is stepping out from underneath the umbrella of God’s blessing and thus more prone to the travails of the world.

As I hope you keep our military in your prayers, I hope you keep the election cycle in your prayers too. It is important that we elect people with a Godly vision. No, that doesn’t mean elect perfect people who are without flaws or mistakes. It means elect people who will serve with God at their side and who understand the importance of God to the founding and continuance of this nation. We are an umbrella nation; we’ve been under the umbrella of God. Our umbrella is shrinking and it’s high time for us to take notice and action.

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