Sunday, January 22, 2012


I received a thank you card from a friend on Friday for some help I gave herRemembering family years ago. She wrote a very nice note; I greatly appreciate it. It’s always nice to be remembered.

I suppose we do lots of things for people in life but we never really consider whether it will be remembered or not. We see the need; we feel led to help; and so we do it. Sure, many politicians, athletes, and movie stars are concerned about their fame and legacy but I think most people are not so consumed. I don’t think most people even give it a thought. Yet, when we are remembered for something we did for someone, we find fulfillment in the recognition of the effort.

In a certain way of looking at life, “we are all connected.” We’ve become who we are through the influences and actions of others. Namely, we’ve been helped in times of little need and great need. It does us well to take the time to thank those along the way who have helped us and influenced our lives. Who can you thank today? Don’t forget to remember your family members too, and our Lord who put those people in our lives.

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