Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, so, how did I feel during my hiatus from the blog? I did prettyChanging Weather well. We were blessed with good weather most of the time and that always helps. I limited the amount of pain medication I took due to the added fatigue and sleepiness it causes me. I didn’t want to be sleeping our family time away. However, I did have to up my dosage a few times to keep the arm pain down to a manageable level. I also had to manage my anti-nausea medication. I probably took extra doses of it more than normal. Not only does Gleevec cause me nausea but once my arm pain gets to a certain level it increases my nausea too. So, I managed the anti-nausea and pain medication accordingly.

Now that the new year has begun, the temperatures have taken a turn downward too. It caught me off guard last night and I’m really feeling it. I had planned to take my mom’s outside Christmas lights down today (Monday) but my sons did it for me instead. They thought it was too cold and windy for me to be out there today. I was glad they did it; I went back to bed.

I’m feeling some better this afternoon but have a strong gnawing pain in my arm extending into the back of my wrist. I’m thankful though that I have minimal nausea to go along with it. I was still going to go grocery shopping today because I can’t spend my whole winter cooped up and I have to get toughened up for the colder weather. However, I might go into this a bit slowly. I answered the door a little bit ago and it is cold. I’d be pushing it to go out in it today; so I think I’ll wait.

It’s going to be cold these next several days so I think I’ll just hunker down and take the weather on when the cold weather is a little milder. For now, I’m just going to protect myself.

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