Saturday, January 14, 2012


I’ve been sitting by the phone for several days waiting for Novartis Pharmaceutical Company to call. So far, there has been nothing. Tonisha from Dr. Tan’sStill Waiting office has been in constant contact with them but she’s having some difficulty. She says that she usually has smooth dealings with Novartis, nut no in my case. So, I didn’t get my chemo drug, Gleevec, ordered and so far I don’t have any to tie me over. I’d go ahead and order but Tonisha says that Novartis is supposed to call (that day) to confirm shipment; they’ve been telling her that for several days. So, I’m going to take half a Gleevec until Tuesday and then make a decision. In the meantime, we will be in South Carolina for the extended weekend. I’m going to try to think very little about the Gleevec and insurance situation and enjoy our visit with our oldest daughter. I’ll make a blog post again when I get back. Until then, no matter what you might be going through: Keep the faith.

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