Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There’s a chance that Eileen’s mom will get out of the hospital a dayTraveling early (Wednesday) and Eileen won’t be going to the hospital to stay with her. If Eileen’s mom doesn’t come home early, then it’s still anticipated that she’ll come home on Thanksgiving. If Eileen stays at the hospital, she will take the computer with her. Her master’s degree work continues on. So, without the computer, I’ll make a Thanksgiving greeting that I’ll schedule to post Thursday. Otherwise, as I mentioned the other day, I’m not sure if the daily blog posts will continue over the Thanksgiving holidays. If not, I should have a post ready for Monday.

I’m writing this post on Tuesday morning. I took Eileen to school this morning so that we can pick her up after school and be on the road to Illinois. On the way to school, Eileen called to check on her mom. Her mom has a few things that need tended to but she is doing well. After dropping Eileen off, I met a friend for coffee before topping off the fuel tank and heading home. I then packed the car except for a few last minute items like the computer and then ordered some flowers for Eileen’s mother. I need to remember to tell Eileen that I ordered the flowers so that she knows what her mom is talking about when she thanks her!!

The weather is calling for rain most of the trip to Illinois. By the time you read this we will hopefully have made it safely and without incident. We will have packed sandwiches for supper and will make ultra short stops on our push to get up there without unnecessary delays. We should be going through most of the larger cities at good times of the night, so that traffic shouldn’t be too bad. Hopefully there will be plenty of police out to help keep the crazies off the road. We hope to make good time not by speeding but by hurrying when we stop only for gas. Hopefully, the restroom stops will only be necessary when we get gas. We don’t usually like to travel at such a hurried pace but when we consider that we will arrive between 2am and 3am, every fifteen minutes here and there quickly pushes the arrival time later and later. We have a busy next few days and we don’t want to get it started by arriving any later than we have to. If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, we hope that God blesses your way.

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