Monday, November 21, 2011


Our oldest daughter is a Healthcare Administrator. In short,Shooting Competition Healthcare Administrators are the ones who operate hospitals and large clinics. That is what our daughter does in the Navy. Currently she is the Healthcare Administrator at the Marine Corps “Branch Clinic” at Parris Island, SC. She also serves the Navy hospital at Beaufort. She really enjoys her work and she also takes advantage of the ancillary opportunities available to her.

For this past week, she has been participating in the Parris Island Marine Corps Rifle & Pistol Intramural Competition. Instead of going to work each day, she has been spending at least 12 hours a day briefing and shooting the M-4 rifle and M-9 Beretta pistol. Despite the long hours, there were several days that she still went into the office afterwards. Anyway, yesterday (Sunday) was the shooting finals for qualifications and team selections. Although our daughter shot well all week and in the preliminaries, she shot her best at the finals. On the M-4 rifle she shot a score of 220 which is rated as “Expert” and she shot a score of 324 on the pistol for a rating of “Sharpshooter.” She missed being one of the top four qualifiers on her rifle team so she won’t be shooting in the rifle team competition held today. However, she was the top qualifier on her team for the pistol. Even so, since their team pistol scores were comparatively low, they were withdrawn from the competition. So, in today’s competition she’ll serve as the “captain” of the rifle team which is the team organizer.

Our daughter really enjoyed the week of learning and the competition. She said her team had a great coach who prepared them well. I’ll have more news about her career in a week or so. For now, she is enjoying her job and the other opportunities the Navy provides for her, while being stationed on a Marine Corps base.

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