Friday, November 18, 2011


I slept well last night and felt pretty good when I awoke. My throat wasFeeling Better a little sore from entertaining all the gastric juices on their way up and out of me yesterday. After assessing my status, I decided to give a friend a call who I had planned on helping put up a deer stand the day before but had to cancel because of my sickness. I told him I may not be much help but that I’d like to get out as I was confident that I wasn’t contagious. So, he picked me up and out to the woods we headed. As we rode, I started getting hot again and the nausea intensified. I was about to have him pull over when I could see the destination. We arrives and he loaded the deer stands in the back of his truck while I helped very little. It was then a short drive into the woods. The truck ride again was not too good but we arrived in short order. Once I started walking around and helping him I started feeling better. In fact, I got to feeling a lot better. We finished up and started back.

I tolerated the ride fairly well but was starting to get sick again. We pulled into a Whataburger restaurant. I ate half a sandwich and some fries. He then took me home. I continued to feel better as the afternoon progressed.

As I wean myself off of Gabapentin, I took only one capsule this morning and plan on only taking only one this evening. Is that the right way to come off it? Who knows!! I’m also not sure what aspect of Gabapentin bothers me more…taking it or the withdrawal. I’m seeking to find a good balance as I come off it. I’ll be glad to get rid of it. I haven’t called the neurologist’s office yet to cancel my appointment. I want to make sure my system stabilizes first and my arm is back to some degree of its usual status before canceling.

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