Sunday, November 6, 2011


Our youngest daughter is a senior in high school. She plans onDual Enrollment studying business in college with a specialization in finance. During her high school years, she has taken some Dual Enrollment classes which are college classes which give both high school and college credits. Having been preparing for college through high school, she has not only taken several college classes but she has fulfilled all her high school requirements a semester early. Therefore, she has decided to take a full load of Dual Enrollment classes at a local college for her spring semester of high school.

The good thing about Dual Enrollment classes is that it is funded through the high school. Therefore, there isn’t additional cost to the student/parents for the classes or books. Again, the classes are actually college classes so they count both for high school and college. The dual enrollment college classes our daughter will be taking this spring are College Chemistry, Economics, Accounting, Statistics, and Psychology. She’ll have her hands full but she is a hard worker.

Our daughter’s choice to take dual enrollment classes will save her time and money in college. After this spring semester, she will have 43 semester hours of college credit upon graduation from high school. That’s just a strong semester worth of credit hours away from having completed her first two years of college while in high school.

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