Saturday, November 19, 2011


It’s pretty certain that I had a bug since Eileen is now having someSpreading the love symptoms from it and our daughter might be too. It seems like I always bring something home from the doctor’s office. Maybe I need to do like some suggest and wear a mask. I’m still doing better but I had a long and busy day (Friday). Now as it turns 9pm I’m tired and weary. I’m sure it’s just the aftereffects of the bug and that I’m still on the mend.

I only took two Gabapentin today and I hope to be off of it by the end of the weekend. We’ll have a busy weekend in the household as we prepare for our trip next week to Illinois. Our younger son has decided that he needs to stay home because of his engineering classes. The coursework is heavy and the professors aren’t too concerned about those who want to take days off to travel.

Speaking of Illinois, I don’t know how much I will blog while up there. With Eileen’s mom having surgery and a couple of round trips to St. Louis thrown around Thanksgiving, my opportunities might be much less than optimal. I’ll just have to see how things go. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, we’ll just hope to have everyone healthy from this bug I’ve given them.

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