Friday, October 7, 2011


This is the beginning of a full weekend for us. The house is full withThe Weekend our family back together as both our daughter and our son with his family got in last night. This evening is the wedding of my older brother’s oldest son. Our prayers and best wishes are with him and his bride. They are very delightful people.

The timing of this weekend is a little awkward for Eileen because she has been racing to get a 12 page paper written for one of her master’s classes. Plus she has two other master’s classes she has work to get done in, and she teaches. She’s been putting in long hours and our younger daughter has been working hard to help get things ready for the weekend. As a little bit of craziness and convenience, our daughter and I went grocery shopping at 10:15 last night. It lightened the load for me yesterday. I had a list of eight projects I was going to do on Thursday. Our daughter did six of them for me before I even knew it.

Then on Saturday evening, our younger daughter has a band competition in a nearby town. For the locals, it’s at Pace High School. Our daughter is a drum major and her band is the defending champion of this competition. However, their band has had some glitches too as it just got the choreography of one of it musical pieces this past week. The band works hard so I’m sure they’ll pull it together.

On Sunday, Lindsay has a birthday party. Hopefully, after the preceding few days with Lindsay, she will be calling me “Grandpa” and we’ll pull up chairs and talk about life as a one year old!!

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