Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We’ve been told all our lives to be thankful for our blessings…but whyBeing Thankful should we be?! Does being thankful change anything in our lives? Well, yes, it does. It changes us. We are the accumulation of our thoughts, beliefs, and thus attitudes. The life we live is based on these and, whether we understand it or not, many things that happen to us in life also depend upon our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.

If we stop and think about it, we can readily see that there is a vast difference between someone who has a thankful heart and someone who doesn’t. The attitude is different as is the level of joy and spiritualism. A thankful heart changes us from the inside out and makes us into a beautiful creation.

It’s good for us to constantly be aware of all the big and little blessings around us. It’s a different life we’ll live if we can see God’s blessings for us all around us. It puts new life into our step knowing that we are personally blessed by God. When we can feel that personal blessing, then we truly have a happy, wholesome, and thankful heart.

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