Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I’ve always believed and advocated that parents have something moreDSC_1461 than the temporary happiness of their children to consider in raising them. Chiefly, they need to consider how their kids will turn out. Equipping our kids for their adult life is a major role of parents. Leading the household in righteousness and order is the mode the parents should operate under. True love for the children demands that parents excel at these roles. But, what is the role of grandparents?

Being a grandparent for over a year has affirmed what I always thought grandparents’ role is. Especially after being with our grand-daughter (Lindsay) since last Thursday evening, I am convinced more than ever of our role. First, it is the grandparents’ prerogative to do whatever Lindsay likes!! Within reason, Eileen and I are not so concerned about whether Lindsay gets to bed on time, takes her naps, eats on time etc., especially if we’re playing with her or occupied with her. Her parents can reset all that when they get home!!

It was great having the house filled with the kids these past four days. We had a busy and fun time filled with a bunch of activities and with Lindsay at the center of much of the attention. Lindsay again attached herself to me but at least she would regularly reach for and go to the other family members too. It was very heart-warming to have Lindsay reach for and want to be held by me. It was just as heart-warming to see her do it with the other family members too.

So, our oldest daughter left for home yesterday morning and then our son’s family left later in the morning. We had a great time and I’m sure Lindsay’s parents will have to make some adjustments with Lindsay getting her back on her routine. However, we had a great time being parents and grand-parents this weekend with the whole family.

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