Sunday, October 16, 2011


There have been attempts by some in Congress to make English ourLanguage national language. Nevertheless, its chances of ever happening seem less likely as time passes on.

As this country was being formed, I’m sure that it was impractical to have a national language. Now, however, I think we may be on the other side of the curve. Today, not having a national language is hurting us. We seem to have too many well demarcated lines of individual tribes refusing to all come under the national banner. More and more, tolerance of other languages, customs, and traditions are being used to isolate people rather than integrate a diverse people into this nation.

It reminds me of Babel in the Bible where God gave them all various languages so as to diffuse their perception of their power towards God. We’ve swung the pendulum all the way to the other end that we are diminishing our righteous power as a nation because we stand for so many things that we really have a hard time standing for anything.

America is very diverse, but it always has been. The difference is that we are using diversity to divide people rather than unite them. People have too many personal agendas amidst their diversity. In doing so, it is bringing this country to its knees in the pursuit of many individual peoples rather than one nation under God. If we can’t rally behind a national language to talk to each other with, I wonder what we can rally behind.

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