Monday, October 24, 2011


As you may recall, Eileen had a total hysterectomy about sixteenRace 2 months ago. She also had to have an internal sling constructed to keep other structures in their place and position. Eileen did real well. In fact, she surprised everyone with how fast she was back on her feet and resuming her activities. The only problem was keeping Eileen from doing too much, more than she was allowed to do.

Meanwhile, Eileen has been running and recently participated in a 5K. However, while recently running she felt “something give.” We made an appointment with her surgeon; that appointment was last Friday. The surgeon determined that there was a little weakening but everything else was fine. The surgeon even said that Eileen could keep running and would prefer that she keeps running as opposed to becoming inactive. That struck me as a little odd but I just kept listening.

We have had a great experience with the surgeon and we also appreciate the time she takes to answer our questions. However, if the jarring of running caused a weakening, it doesn’t seem advisable to continue the activity. I understand the inactivity aspect but there is another option: Eileen can do fast walking. In fact, at some of the 5K events, some of the walkers finish before some of the runners. That way Eileen can still get her cardio work without jarring her insides so much. I know the surgeon could fix whatever Eileen jarred apart in running, but it’s not like Eileen is smitten with having to run. We’d rather play it cautiously and avoid further problems or surgeries.

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