Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Immunization

I’ve had my share of do-nothing days in my life but yesterday was the first one in a while. Eileen’s sister’s family arrived from Illinois and I spent most of the day in front of the TV watching football. I’ve missed watching a lot of football games this year but caught up on a few yesterday. I hope to watch a lot of bowl games in the coming week or so. I’m glad my brother-in-law is a big football fan.

Our granddaughter got her first immunization yesterday. She cried a bit but otherwise the rest of her doctor’s visit went well. You know, an immunization is a lot like many things in life; they are painful but necessary. If we only do what is easy or what is not painful, we will often find ourselves on the wrong side of life. I’m not just speaking physically, but especially mentally and emotionally. Many Right decisions we are to make as a parent, spouse, citizen, and Christian are emotionally challenging and painful. However, if we shy away from them we will reap some of life’s harshest repercussions. It certainly takes courage to live life in an engaged manner. It takes sustained courage to live life in a righteously engaged manner. Yet, like an immunization, if we stay focused on the benefits rather than on the pain, we’ll end up counting our blessings rather than counting the cost.

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