Monday, December 27, 2010

End of the Calendar

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will seek a blessed upcoming year.
We’ve had family at our house all of December and it will continue into the New Year. So, it’s been a wonderful month. This cold weather, however, is a different matter all together. It has made my arm go crazily bad, my Gleevec muscle cramps worse, and my Gleevec rash worse - - - as the temperature dips. In addition, the effort I spend fighting these off is effort I can’t spend fighting my stomach. And so, although it’s been a wonderful month, it has not been without its challenges. I need the temperature to warm up and I’m in great need of quality rest.
As a final thought for this calendar year, I want to leave you with this which came to mind last night: Those who accept failure are inviting a lifetime full of it. It seems to me that the important things in our life are worth fighting for. That is, our faith, family, and country are the center of what really makes life worth living. It’s best that we not accept failure in any of those areas. Once we begin accepting failure, it easily becomes the norm. We need to rise up and claim what is Right.

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