Monday, August 30, 2010

Numbers Game

I can’t tell you how many discussions I’ve had with people who advocate the various techniques churches use to bring people into the doors. From softball and soccer to pumpkin sales and musical bands, we’ve discussed the merits of various enticements to get people in the church door. There is such a focus on filling the pews and the collection plate. The strategies to accomplish both seem endless. But, I keep asking the question. “Okay, you’ve got them in the door. When does the discipling of the people begin?” I’m not talking about the soft and cushy “I’m okay; you’re okay” theologies. I’m talking about the teachings of what used to be known as the tenants of the faith: The rights and wrongs along with the fundamentals of the faith. It seems we’re afraid to teach the tenants of the faith because we’re afraid of offending people and thus decreasing our Sunday attendance. Once again, we see that attendance numbers are more important than what the church attendees are actually taught and believe. This creates a couple of main problems. Not only does it create and empower “Christians” who don’t follow the Christian principles, but it also creates vapid church services which are geared toward retention and recruitment rather than purifying people’s souls. Further, it leaves those who seek a congregation with which to truly worship feeling like they are attending a church production rather than a worship service in which to be discipled in the faith.
Seeking to always be balanced and fair as a primary motivation is not good. Often times what is Right is neither balanced nor fair. It’s just right. Our quest to be politically correct in our teachings and have high church numbers despite what is taught may seem balanced and fair…but it isn’t Right.

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