Monday, August 23, 2010


I was chatting with a friend who raised a very poignant question. She asked, “Where is the shame?” As we look at television advertisements, TV shows, and movies, her question bears due consideration: Indeed, where is the shame? Too, as we look at our politics, we should wonder, “Where is the shame?” When we consider our sliding moral values we should consider, “Where is the shame?” As I wrote last week, it seems that our focus is far enough away from what is right, moral, and value-based that it takes a lot to elicit our shame. We should consider that a people who have a diminished sense of shame are a people who are on a path away from the moral fiber which founded this country. When we consider where this country’s morals have gone, we should feel shame.

I want to thank everyone for your response to the book. Although I’m offering the books at author cost, a friend ordered from the publisher the moment he got the publisher’s notice. He wanted to be the first to order a book. He told me that I need to challenge people to buy multiple copies. Well, he has some more buying to do if he wants to enter such a challenge. A friend has ordered ten copies!! Whether it’s one copy or ten, we deeply appreciate your interest in perpetuating the message of the book. We also deeply appreciate your support.

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