Monday, August 2, 2010

On The Same Road

I’ve finally decided to change my blog postings to once a week. For the time being, I will post on Monday mornings. Of course if something stirs me in between times I’ll write. But for the most part the blog post will be on Mondays. So, please check back each week for updates and thoughts.
As we saw yesterday, when two people are communicating from two different motives or desired outcomes, we tend to generically label that as miscommunication. Said another way, when each person in the relationship seeks differing results, we are likely to encounter difficult communication. It’s as if one person is talking about traveling east while the other is talking about traveling west. It’s hard to get on the same road.
It’s important in our relationships that we seek a common outcome of our communications. How do we do that when two different people hold two different perspectives or are motivated by two different desired outcomes? As long as the two people seek what their own “Self” wants, communication will be very difficult. Instead, the two must seek the outcome which is “Right.” Only when both seek to go either east or west will we get on the same road. Only when we both seek what is right in our relationships, rather than seek our personal desires, will we get on the same road. Only when we both value “Right” over “Self” will we get on the same road.
Miscommunication is theoretically easy to solve, yet, very difficult in reality. Why? Proper communication requires a lowered sense of self, pride, and ego. It requires us to seek “right” above our personal motives, objectives, and rewards. It requires seeking “Right” above seeking to win our point of view or perspective. It’s only easy to travel on the same road when both want the same thing: That which is “Right.”
Finally, remember, the blog will now post on Mondays.

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