Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome Back

Welcome back!! This has been a very busy week but also a better one. Of all the weeks in which I should have paid a steep physical price for what I have done, this is the one. However, I’ve done pretty well. The week began with my younger son and I figuring out and digging through the yard as we sought which sprinkler lines and wires went where in our attempt to get them working again, after the pool work left some of them like a bowl of spaghetti. Really though, I should say that I helped him because he did most of the work. We worked in the mornings and evenings because the heat index was over a hundred. I’m not supposed to be out in the sun much. After a couple of days we got it all done.
Then my book cover and text review came in. I had forty-eight hours to review it all and get it back to them. I was talking to our older daughter and told her that I may have to rely on my previous edit because I couldn't get through it all in that time, especially since I had a trip to Mississippi to make. She said she could do it, and she did. She did a great job of editing the text and finding my typos, etc. The book cover looks great.
On Friday, our son and a friend laid sod where the pool used to be. I helped but again they did most of the work. We laid one more pallet of sod on Saturday morning.
If you’ll remember, I’ve had a terrible time sleeping. Between my arm and the Gleevec side-effects, I’ve had trouble getting to sleep before 3am, even if I didn’t take a nap in the day. For an arm which often gets fiercely upset merely doing dishes or handling laundry, I expected the worse from my arm. However, it has been doing well enough and I’ve been sleeping pretty well. I’m also taking a high dose of melatonin. Dr. Tan had recommended it before and it helped. I guess when I was sleeping well that I forgot all about it. Eileen has also been able to work on my legs some. Cramping legs make it hard to sleep too. So, the melatonin and leg massages have helped my sleep greatly.
Eileen continues to get stronger and has her final doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. In some ways, it’s hard to believe that it has been six weeks since her surgery. We are thankful for her progress and all your prayers.
Our youngest daughter got her driver’s license. She’s in that phase where she volunteers to run any errand we might think of. We’ll see how long that lasts!!
Finally, and totally on a different track…I notice how critical people are when we learn that the CEO of a major company makes 30 million dollars a year. I’m not sure people need to make that much but that’s not my point. It was announced a couple of weeks ago that “Judge Judy” signed a new 45 million dollar a year contract. I wonder where the outcry is. I further wonder where the outcry is when movie stars, singers, and athletes make so much more than people running our major companies. I hope in this environment of attacking businesses and business leaders that we remember that they are the ones who generate our jobs. We are seeing in our economy what happens when they aren't expanding, growing, and innovating: They don’t’ hire.
I’ll talk to you next Monday.

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