Monday, August 16, 2010

Centered World

If we were asked what are lives revolve around, most would either say their jobs or families. Some might say their hobbies. Would that be your answer too? Well if it is your answer, you’ve identified what I believe is at the center of our nation’s problem. Rather than being a people who centers everything on our Judeo-Christian values, we have become centered on other matters. Thus our values and principles have become secondary. Although it sounds reasonable to say our lives revolve around our families and jobs, values and principles are supposed to lead everything in our lives; values are not supposed to follow behind. If values are secondary, then we lose our moral center and our morals become dependent upon what we subjectively need or want for our families and jobs. Therefore, our values and morals become something society manipulates so as to live the life it wants, rather than what changes our lives to fit righteousness. Does that make sense? In other words, when our lives are centered on something other than moral value, moral value is reduced into an afterthought. When political correctness, tolerance, family decisions, and career choices are at the center of a society, that society will lose its moral compass. Our moral values should be at the center of our lives, with all else gathering in around it.
As for me, I'm in a phase of sleeping very well. In fact, most nights I am sleeping 10-12 hours with and without naps. Although I've never slept that much in my life, it sure beats the few hours of sleep per night I was getting!!

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