Thursday, February 27, 2014


This is likely my last blog post before getting my test results tomorrow.  I’ll make a posting after I get my results, regardless of what they are. After that, I’ll likely only post periodically but especially when time gets close to other appointments. For my Facebook friends, it’ll be easy to see when I post because I’ll link the new blog post in my status. For those not on Facebook, I may alert you to the new post by email again or just rely on you to periodically check the blog. My oncology appointments are usually every three months.

I didn’t post after my December 6th appointment because I was quite distraught by the news that my cancer had become active again, and so soon. In fact, I can’t overstate how distraught I was. I think I’m back to my “normal” now, which in part is due to Eileen. I can’t overstate the powerful healing love that gets administered to me.

Many of us struggle with the right thing to say when a physical or emotional trauma has stricken someone. Yet, Eileen, for me, always knows what to say and when to say it…or when to say nothing at all. Her timing is impeccable as it is metered by her very powerful love.  I can’t overstate the quality and quantity of love that is her essence.

My whole health situation is quite weighty on Eileen. It’s often easier to be the patient than to watch a loved one endure a health matter. Before posting “Status Update” the other day, I asked Eileen to read it. After reading it she said, “It was really hard to read but that’s the reality we’re living.” Indeed, it is the reality we are living. I can’t overstate how vital it has been to me to have her by my side through it all.

Finally, faith is only as real as our ability to live it. Eileen’s spiritual faith extends to me. So many times during this journey, the strength of her faith has quietly impelled me to keep walking by faith regardless of what I’m seeing in the lab reports or feeling in my body. She shines the light on my path. Especially when the health-journey takes unfortunate turns, I can’t overstate the restorative effect of Eileen’s loving faith.

Well, tomorrow is a big day. Again, I appreciate all the prayers, love, and support. I can’t overstate that either!! I write again tomorrow.

Asking where You are, Lord, wondering where You've been, is like standing in a hurricane trying to find the wind.” (Christy Nockels)

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