Monday, February 24, 2014

Mostly Though...

Bay horse rearing pink flowers 25304637While life goes on, it seems that a part of me is in a holding pattern...waiting for the results from my oncologist. There is so much riding on these results and I so much appreciate the expressions of prayers, love, and support I've received from you via Facebook and emails. I sincerely appreciate it! If there is one thing I've learned in life it is that some things can only be handled, managed, or resolved through prayer. Which reminds me...

I often have morning coffee at a Whataburger restaurant. One of the regulars is Mr. Huff. He is a spry 92 y.o. WW II veteran who is a pleasure with which to converse. He's had his share of adversity beginning with war injuries, strokes, cancer, multiple episodes of pneumonia, currently having his wife in a nursing home, and burying two of his children. Yet, his perspective on life is amazing and he has a tremendous inner resolve. He drives to Whataburger and is very active in his church. In fact, he obtains the speakers for the men's monthly breakfast. Among his few limitations is that he doesn't drive at night.

So, several months ago I started driving him to his church's weekly evening prayer meetings. His denomination is Baptist which is not my own. In addition to attending the prayer meetings with Mr. Huff, I've been his guest at several other church functions. The church has welcomed me with open arms. The pastor is especially amazing as he always makes a point to speak to me and make me feel welcome, although he knows I'm just there because of Mr. Huff. At Mr. Huff's request, I am included on their printed prayer list and I'm included in the Wednesday evening prayer intentions.

Well, a couple of weeks ago is when I had the angiogram for my arm. So, guess who showed up in my little curtained cubicle to bless and pray for me? It was the pastor of that church! To me that is amazing because not only am I not a member of his church but he knows it's very unlikely that I ever will be. Anyway, the next prayer meeting is in a couple of days and I know that Mr. Huff will announce that my test results are due on Friday. The church will join with your prayers to accomplish what only prayer can do.

Of course I pray for full remission of my leukemia. If not that, I pray that my active status remains at a low aggression level. Mostly though, I pray for the grace to accept and make the best of whatever the outcome may be, for my family and me.

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