Friday, February 28, 2014


Well, I'm sitting here in Dr. Tan's office waiting my turn. Once again, I'm thankful for all the love, prayers, concerns, texts, emails, messages, etc. I've received in preparation of this appointment. I don't want to seem too needy but I sure do appreciate them all!!

I woke up about an hour before my alarm this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I eventually got up to begin the day. While my mind and soul are calm, my body isn't so much. Perhaps I'll feel like eating after my appointment. Anyway, I went ahead and went to Whataburger to have coffee with the gang after getting well wishes and hugs from Eileen and my daughters. At Whataburger, Mr. Huff, my 92-year-old coffee drinking friend, told me that I'd be on the prayer chain of his church this morning. As I believe that some things can only be managed or obtained through prayer, I think these test results are well covered. If it doesn't turn out so well, I'll still know that I'm blessed to be in whatever shape I am, and blessed to have the loving thoughts and prayers of so many. The worst I expect today is to be told my cancer is active to the point of needing to go back to MD Anderson. Anything less than that I will consider a blessed victory. I'm also so thankful to not be in the shape that other patients in this waiting room, and waiting rooms across this globe, are in.

I'm back in a treatment room now. My blood pressure was a little high. Well, that's no surprise; the room is cold but I'm sweating too! The heart palpitations I've been having recently are here too. As far as that goes, the nausea and gastric reflux that comes with Gleevec are very much with me too. Oh well, it'll be over soon. In fact, I just heard Dr. Tan go into the next room. I'm next. It's 9:33 and I'll continue this after I leave here.

I’m back and it’s such a relief to be back in remission!!  Praise God!!  Thank you again for everything!!

I’ll go back to MD Anderson in August. I’ won’t see Dr. Tan until December, but I’m to get another blood test and keep him posted on a couple of items. My WBC count which equates to my immunity continues to drop. My vulnerability to infection is quite high.  Actually, it’s worse if I catch a bug because I don’t have much to fight it off with. Gleevec is especially what takes my WBC count and immunity down. So, I’m to be rechecked the first part of June for my WBC count. Dr. Tan says if it continues to go lower then it’s back to MD Anderson for another bone marrow biopsy and reconsideration of Gleevec.

Dr. Tan wants me to increase my anti-reflux medicines to see if that decreases the reflux and associated heart palpitations I’ve been having. I told him just having such great news might make it all go away! He chuckled but then said that Gleevec can precipitate heart problems. He ran a heart stress test on me last year or so and the results turned out great. I presume that my body will calm down now that my health prognosis is so much better.

Thank you again for all the acts of love and kindness in this time of need. You all are greatly appreciated!!

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