Monday, February 27, 2012


We went to the house of our oldest son and his family this past weekend. DSC_0126Our granddaughter (Lindsay) is sixteen months old already. Usually when our families are together Lindsay is very partial to me. One of her earliest words was “Grandpa.” This past weekend Lindsay stuck like glue to Eileen. Lindsay even said “Grandma” more than she said “Grandpa”…but who is counting!! Actually, it’s quite thrilling to see Lindsay love on Eileen the way that Lindsay does on me. It does my heart good.

It’s good when we rejoice at the blessings of others. It’s our destructive pride that tends for us to resent or to be jealous of another’s good fortune. Blessings aren’t in limited supply and we don’t get fewer blessings if someone else gets blessed. It renders our heart a good measure when we are not only thankful for our blessings but also rejoice at blessings of others.

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