Monday, February 6, 2012


I’m not sure that I can tell you anything new about my health status. The way I Challengesfeel is predictably unpredictable although there are a few constants. This past week has been mostly noted with marked nausea. I had to pull over a few times while driving because of the sickness and have spent some extra time in bed. Some of my nausea comes from the oral chemo, Gleevec, while some of it comes from my arm pain. I try not to let it slow me down too much but it does win sometimes. I’m also back to almost full strength on the pain killers and it adds to my fatigue.

But speaking about nausea, I have a friend who is fighting her own battle with chronic pain. Her pain is primarily with severe headaches that are resistant to treatment. The relentless pain also gives her nausea.

One doesn’t have to look around too far to see a lot of people facing all kind of challenges. I received an email from a guy who lost his job. I was inspired by his attitude and his plan of action. We can’t always avoid the challenges we face but we can choose the attitude we have with the challenge. Granted, the longer the challenge persists then the harder it can become to maintain a healthy attitude. Yet, a bad situation is made miserable by a bad attitude. Even if we don’t face tough challenges, I’m sure we know someone who is. It’s good to not only maintain a good attitude ourselves but to also help spread a little love, hope, and joy to those facing challenges in their lives.

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