Monday, February 13, 2012


For those of you who started reading the Bible one chapter a day with me a couple of years ago, yesterday is when we finished reading the entire Bible, BlessingsGenesis to Revelation, one chapter at a time. For all the Christians there are in the world, most of them never read the complete Bible; most rarely read it at all on their own. Reading one chapter a day will get you through the Bible in due time but at least you will have read it. On the other hand, at your current rate, will it ever get read?

We all have our challenges and I certainly have mine. Yet, I try not to focus on the challenges. Instead, I try to stay focused on the blessings. We can’t always obtain peace externally in our lives but we can achieve internal peace. Being thankful and reminding ourselves of our blessings, big and small, keeps our hearts supple and gives us a healthy dose of inner peace. So, despite my challenges, I live a life filled with blessings. Invariably though about the time that I feel so humbled by our blessings, I’m reminded that it can get even better.

While our son was traveling with work, his wife and daughter (15 month old Lindsay) were going to stay with her sister’s family in Ft. Walton. She was going to spend a couple of evening with us. However, her sister’s kids got sick and so our daughter-in-law and Lindsay stayed with us for the entire week. We had a grand time and the interaction with our granddaughter was very heartwarming. We enjoyed our daughter-in-law too; I want to be sure to say that!! However, there is a little place in the heart that lights up with a grandchild, that I didn’t even know was there. While the cold weather has laid siege to my arm, my heart is warmed by our many blessings.

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