Monday, October 25, 2010

Lindsay Nichole

The week started with Eileen recovering from a one day flu and then me having it for a little more than a day. She got sick and then I got really sick…I was so sick that I couldn’t take my chemo. That was a first. Even so, when I get that sick, I’m reminded of those who are that sick regularly especially via chemo. In the midst of all this, I was tracking our daughter-in-law’s labor progression. At 9:56 pm on Tuesday night, our granddaughter was born!! Her name is Lindsay Nichole Doss. She was twenty inches long and seven pounds, one ounce.
On Wednesday, I headed up to see the baby. I came home the next afternoon and then headed back up Friday with Eileen. We spent the weekend up there. We held and held that baby. During the daytime, that baby wasn’t put down once!! Even at night, Eileen and I stayed up until 1am and midnight respectively holding Lindsay while everyone else went to bed. Our son and daughter-in-law can worry about Lindsay being used to being held too much while we aren’t there!!
We took a load of pictures. I posted 36 of them at our Shutterfly site. If you don’t still have the sight, email me and I will forward it to you. As I was posting the pictures, I noticed that we didn’t have many of our son and basically none of our daughter-in-law. She basically only got to hold the baby when the baby was hungry, and we couldn’t very well take a picture of that!! We’ll add more of our son and daughter-in-law next weekend.
A friend warned me that grandparents turn “silly” when it comes to their grandchildren. Considering our behavior of this past weekend, I think she is right!!

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